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 I know it's been a hot minute but I'm still kickin' around. I feel like I should probably be blogging more often but I also feel like I should be a secret millionaire who can save the planet and enjoy life... I don't see a lot of that happening, so I'm not gonna be hard on myself for not keeping up my social media presence.  A lot has happened in the time since I last talked to you guys. I've fallen in love, did fertility treatments to no avail, briefly had a possum, moved three times, lost my dogs Giz and Weezie to old age, started swallowing swords, got new tattoos, started throwing knives.. lots of things. How have you guys been? Good I hope.  There's a few pictures to help ya digest all that. Not gonna be a long entry, but I promise I'm gonna start blogging more. Promising myself, mostly. I love it, I love having an outlet, love sharing my story, etc. Love you guys and speak soon! xxJess

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