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So as any one of my friends or readers know, I absolutely love video games. Not only do I love video games for their art and creation value, but I love interactive stories. As a kid, my two favorite book series' were Amelia Bedelia and Choose Your Own Adventure.

If you're not familiar with Amelia Bedelia, this lady is.. well, naive and strange (and that's why I love her so much). She reminds me of an alien who comes to earth and learns English, but doesn't learn all the functions of the words... so as a maid, she is asked to draw the drapes when the sun comes out. So Amelia Bedelia does just that....

I also loved choosing my own adventure, playing with the different timelines, and thinking about cause and effect and how a decision can really affect an outcome. 

So of course, at the age of 14 or 15, I discovered my first MMORPG. It's now called RuneScape Classic, but then, it was just called RuneScape. There was a myriad of games that I enjoyed on JaGEx's website, but RuneScape was the one I was most interested in, at the time. 

When RuneScape went from:

to this:

My mind was blown.

But in the midst of those changes, I fell in love with a land called Morrowind, and thus began my journey into the gamer world. I would transport myself into another realm.. a realm where I could walk around with guns and swords, fight monsters and evil men and have no fear of death. 

Video games are magical. It's like being placed into a book or a movie. You are a part of what's happening, not just reading about it or watching it--wishing you were there. 

So I have started making little clips of video games, now that I have the ability to do so on the XBox One.

Below are a handful of reviews and moments from the last year.. there are a few games I really enjoyed playing that aren't on here; Murdered: Soul Suspect for instance.

So I hope you dig the videos, they're not very long or informative (I'm no PewDiePie or Lui Calibre, after all) but I hope to make videos like them one day.. we'll see.

Cute Moment from Sunset Overdrive

My First Impressions of Sunset Overdrive

Funny/Pathetic Moment from Destiny

Control Confusion in Warframe

Not Impressed with Dead Rising 3

Hope you enjoyed the videos, and if you're on the One, come play with me!
XBox Gamertag: The SighFi Girl


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