End of the World - Mayan Diet at IHOP

So last night after work, I swung by the mall and picked up my roommate. About two miles down the road, she offers, "You know, if you wanted to swing by McDonald's, I could get us something to eat.."

 To which I replied, "K, sounds good."

 We pull up to McDonald's drive-thru (mind you, it's almost 1:00 AM) and we're waiting to order. We start looking over the menu and I blurt "Ugh I want breakfast.. We should say f&@% McDonald's and go to IHOP instead."

 "Omigod, yes, let's do it." Chelsea replies.

 So as soon as we pull up to the microphone box to order, we pull out and head to IHOP. On the way there, we reminisce over "that time we cooked a pound of bacon and ate it with my dog" and how much we can't wait to eat breakfast.

 We walk into IHOP and are seated within 2-3 minutes and we ogle the menus for a good 15 minutes trying to decide what to eat. We both came to the conclusion that we wanted to eat everything there and after our waitress came back we ordered..

 -Spicy Triple Meat Scramble
-Banana Bread French Toast, Hashbrowns, Eggs & Sausage
-Jack, Cheddar & Bacon Potatoes
-2 sides of bacon
-Apple Cinnamon Pancakes
-An Urn of Coffee
-Two Splashberry drinks

Chelsea is Angry Hungry!

Jessica thinks lollipops should be made of bacon.

About halfway through.

Defeated by pancakes.

Bacon in one hand, sausage in the other. #Winning

Last bite of the scramble.

So full of food my blood pressure went up. (See: vein in forehead)

Chelsea's "food baby" afterward.

So the moral of the story, kids. Eat as much as you can before the world ends next week. If it doesn't end, then at least you lived like it was your last week on earth once in your life.


Adrian (KoG) said…
holy fuck jess lol, damn i wish i lived in the usa
Jessica Cha said…
hahaha! miss ya adrian! :P

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