CT Shootings, Facebook and Human Beings

All the shooting stuff in CT was a tragedy, sure. But I'm not going to make my life about it. I'm not signing any petitions you guys send my way, so.. sorry in advance.

Some may see this as cold-hearted, but the truth of the matter is, if I stopped my life every time something bad happened, I never would have made it to my 17th birthday.

Do I feel sorry for the families? Sure. Do I think guns should be outlawed? Yes and no.. I think people should have to go through an entire process to own and carry a gun, including a psychological evaluation and a police-academy type training in the rules of use of force.. but criminals are criminals and they don't care about laws, so why bother to put more limitations on the ones who aren't out there committing crimes? I'm very torn on the subject and could debate myself here forever.. so I digress.

There is nothing we can do as a society to control things like this. Until human beings evolve enough to get that animalistic wild side bred out of their genes and become docile, we will continue to do terrible things to other people.

Also, I really debated unfriending all the bible thumpers over the last week and this is why.

First of all, the US is one of the most "Christian" nations in the world and we have over 10,000 gun related deaths each year. As compared to say, Japan who weigh in at a whopping 48 gun related deaths a year. Only about 10% of Japanese are "Christian."

If you live in America, you believe in the Constitution. If you don't, then you should probably leave. But I'm willing to bet more of you know "John 3:16" than the Preamble. That's sad. Where is your real world application?

I do believe in the Constitution. I believe in the separation of church and state. I believe that no matter which way you cut it, any religious teachings at a young age should be considered BRAINWASHING.

If you can't take the time to really (and I mean REALLY) think about this (not hiding behind bible verses or telling me why your religion dictates my need to go to hell), please unfriend me now. I don't need any fanatics in my life.

Putting "God" back in schools will only do one thing. It will make your children a little dumber. It will teach them to not figure out the world on their own. Although there is some intelligence to be found in having blind faith, it's not the kind that will make bad things stop happening. That only comes from applying yourself to the real world. So stop getting on your knees and "praying" and waiting for some magical dude in the sky to fix all your problems and go fix them yourself.

If I offended you with any of this, maybe you should take a good long look at yourself and ask yourself why. People tend to lean toward the dramatic side of things when defending their beliefs and it's an understandable stance to take.. but once you filter through all the brainwashing and really survey yourself, you might actually learn something about who YOU are, not who your religion tells you to be.

I wasn't raised as a Christian, but I attended Christian churches the majority of my childhood because I liked the people and the joy. Then I started studying theology and I realized that there were enough borders set up between human beings already. And all they do is divide us and make us passionately defensive which often turns to hatred. If something can make you hate someone, just because they're not the same as you.. you have a problem.

This is why I didn't unfriend anyone this week. I understand where your hearts are at, I understand why you are trying to sympathize at every turn, etc.. and because that's the way you feel like you need to be for whatever reasons, I respected that and went about my day.

I'm just not a person of "Facebook sympathy" and I don't care to wallow in the sadness with you all. Death is something that happens to us all, young and old.

The grieving process is one of the hardest things to cope with.. anyone who has ever lost a loved one or a relationship unexpectedly knows that. So take your time to grieve if it affected you badly enough to do so, but please don't drag the rest of us into the eddies so we can drown with you.

I believe in love. Love for fellow living creatures, love for the earth, love for knowledge and love for the things we can't understand. That's all part of the human experience. So when things get you down, re-center yourself on love.


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