Willfully Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

So as some of you may already know, myself and Charlee Roncaglione are writing a story. We have taken the bones of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and turned it into a psychological thriller. Picture: Alice in Wonderland meets..... Hostel meets hmmm.. John Wayne Gacy? no... more like BTK. You know, bind, torture, kill? The preacher guy... You'll understand better after you've immersed yourself in the story..

After a brief hiatus from our story, we had heard that Terrance Zdunich and Darren Lynn Bousman were going to be in our area, promoting their new indie film, "The Devil's Carnival: Part One" and I talked her into going with me. We rented a car from our airport and made the trek to Columbus; complete with coffee, donuts, beef jerky and car karaoke. Baaaad car karaoke. :)

And by the way, never let Charlee drive your car. She (albeit, successfully) managed to cross four lanes of traffic in two seconds, to make a left turn onto a busier road. And if you are under the impression that your cell phone can act as a GPS, you are as sadly mistaken as we were. Instead of telling us to make a right-hand turn, it took us left and onto the highway, then back off another exit, to a block from our point of origin.  But enough about that. 

We met Terrance and Darren that night, and they were such an inspiration to us both that we said to ourselves, "We have to finish this, we have to see this through." So here we are, trying to do just that. We are finishing up the story and are in the process of turning it into a screenplay with the help of the talented Chelsea Cook. We have a local metal band, Chainsaw Republic, who is going to be doing a lot of the music for the movie, as well as some other local talent who may or may not get involved. We don't have anything firm from them yet, however.

I also recently moved, and I am now living in the capital city, Charleston, in a cute bungalow style house with one of the local actresses here, Miss Kitty Killton, who so happens to be the actress playing our Alice/Mary once we start filming. 

We also have Diab Dali playing the White Rabbit. Nothing else has been slated as of yet, but we do have some prospective talent that we've been considering.

But for now, let me introduce some of the people who are going to be working on the film.

Of course you know me, Jessica Cha.

And of course, Charlee Roncaglione.

photo credit - Kelly Rybarczyk

And then there is Miss Kitty Killton.

photo credit - Sean Rose

You also need to meet Chainsaw Republic and their lead vocalist, Diab Dali.

photo credit - Mary Lotshaw

And the woman playing Catherine. We're not disclosing her name yet, so you can't get a head start on stalking her. ;)

So there's a teaser. That's what we've been up to lately. We've been moving in to the new place and having meetings between all of the above, getting this thing on the road. 

We hope to have a teaser trailer out by the end of the year. I'll try to keep you guys as up to date as possible, and hopefully once we get the teaser out, we can do a Kickstarter and get this thing funded a little more so we can get it ready to go.


Are you stoked, yet?


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