As You May Have Noticed..

..from my last blog entry, I got robbed.. well, my header and stuff for this site were stored on that computer that got stolen.. as you may have also noticed, they no longer show up as of today..

I will have to re-do the site again now, because it looks like whoever had stolen my computer has finally wiped it's memory. Probably reformatted the hard drive..

Not too happy about it, but new beginnings seem to be a thing for me, lately. Speaking of new beginnings, I have to tell you guys something that my amazingly frakkin' awesome friends did..

First off, let me start off by saying that I am not one to receive gifts. I feel strange accepting anything. I have never received many gifts in my lifetime, and if you ask anyone who is close to me and they will tell you that I am the person you dread getting a gift for, because I'm going to make a huge deal out of it and fight with myself whether or not to keep it.. I usually do, just because it's extremely rude to tell someone you don't want their gift.. plus I was raised to not ask for handouts, to obtain everything on your own, etc.

Soooo, I got robbed and was accessing the internet from my phone, re-upping my data plan every two weeks, just to keep in touch with everyone. Plus I've been working INSANE hours and trying to juggle that with keeping abreast with the police report and trying to write more of this story with Kristin (that after some major inspiration from two amazing filmmakers, Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich, we have to decided to continue and to make into a movie..)

So, I was awaiting some comics I ordered, so I asked my mother to check the mail for me in case they had shown up.. Now my friend Amanda had told me, like a week prior, to be expecting a package.. naturally I assumed it was coming from her, here in the States.

Well, my plans for the day were to go visit my adopted grandmother who had just gotten out of the hospital, then go with Diab Dali and DJ M6Sixty6 to scout filming locations.. (which by the way, my legs frakking HURT from hiking around in the woods all day in cheap flip flops.. next time, I am SOOO taking rain boots.. ANYWAY) So, I was on my way to the car when my mother phoned and said I had two packages. One from California, one from Canada.

Baffled already, I was like "huh?".. so she stopped by outside the house here, and took this huge box out of the backseat of her SUV along with a smaller white envelope containing the comics I had ordered from and sat them on the hood of my car.

I knew what the comics were, so setting them aside, my attention went to the large box with the words "Laptop - Gift" written on the shipping slip. It was from my friend Mimi, in Toronto.

My mouth dropped open and I'm sure I looked stupefied. I was. I looked at my mother in disbelief and she goes, "Aren't you gonna open it to see what it is?" Apparently she didn't look at the shipping sticker.. I pointed to it dumbfounded, as if I was afraid to touch the box. Her jaw dropped too.. I started shaking a bit, trying to hold myself together, but honestly, my mind was reeling. My heart sank and leaped into my throat all at once. I was having a tough time even making words.. (this lasted for the rest of the day too, by the way)

"Do you have something I can open it with?" I ask, still in shock. My mother retrieves a key from her vehicle and helps me open the box.. I was trembling. I tried talking, but my emotions kicked my voice box in the taint and the golf-ball-in-my-throat took over. I pulled it out, looking for a note of some kind saying "Here, borrow this until you get one" or something, but there was nothing of the sort.. then I see a receipt with the registration numbers on it. It had recently been purchased.

I couldn't hold it back any longer and told my mother I was about to cry, and you could hear my throat tying in knots halfway through the sentence.

But I had to go on with the rest of my day, so I quickly placed everything back in the box, said my goodbyes and left for my grandmother's house. I added $10 to my account to call Canada and tried calling Amanda and Mimi on my way with no answer.. overwhelmed, I called Amanda back and left her a ridiculously long crying message about how I was speechless and thank you wouldn't even begin to cover it.. unfortunately I never got a voicemail option to leave one with Mimi, but Amanda played her message over Skype later so Mimi could hear it, which I am super grateful for, because let me tell you..

Mimi, Mario and Amanda orchestrated this whole thing.. and if the rest of the world had friends like I have, you guys.. we wouldn't even have war. If we did, they would be settled on late night over-caffeinated Skype conversations with someone sounding like a masterbating Wookie as the other two recorded it for hilarious blackmail.

I wanted to let myself settle down a little before I wrote this blog, mainly because, if I hadn't, you would have needed a babelfish to translate my gibberish.

On another note, I WILL get them back for this, eventually, somehow :)

To Mimi, Amanda and Mario: I love you guys. I still can't believe you missed me enough to do this, just so we could continue hanging out long-distance. I suck at thank you. Mainly because, like I said, blubbering in my message, this kind of kindness.. it doesn't happen to me. And yes, I know, you tell me to get used to it, but I never will. I don't expect anything from anyone, ever.. especially from those that I would do something like this for.. I'm astonished, to be honest, that there is another human being (let alone three) that care so deeply. Flabbergasted. I am still speechless.

As far as scouting, it went really well. My calves feel like they are another part of my body, trying to fuse back to the rest; they hurt so bad. If I have any advice for anyone shooting a movie, it would be to scout your own locations, so you can really appreciate the hard work it is going to take to get the job done.

We have two people for sure, casted, which are Miss Kitty Killton, a local stage actress who is phenomenal and gorgeous. She will be playing Alice/Mary. Also, Diab Dali, the lead singer of Chainsaw Republic has joined on as The White Rabbit/Reverend. If you haven't begun to read our story yet, I would suggest hopping over to the MUST READ section, because I am about to post the link there.

Anyway, I love you all very much and I appreciate you taking the time to read this blog, now that I can type it from an actual computer. Thank you again, Meemers, Mandapants and Masterbating Wookie. Opps, did I give it away? :D

xx jess


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