What Is Love?

Ok, so I put that title because I love Night at the Roxbury, but seriously!?!

Guys, pay attention. Girls, tell me if I'm right..

We're brought up with fairy tales of the down-n-out girl who is swept away by Prince Charming... sure sometimes they have to kiss a few frogs in the process, but she ends up "happily ever after"..

Can it actually happen? Can a woman find a man these days who really and truly completes her?

We don't want to feel like we've settled.. that feeling sucks. We need to be wowwed. We need to be woo'd.
Believe it or not, some of us actually still believe in true love and fairy tales and happily ever after.

At this point in the blog, someone (a scrooge) is rolling their eyes and telling me to get real, grow up, etc.

No. I will not. I want a love story. I want an amazing adventure that I can pass to generations after me. One that is worthy of a movie or a fairy tale book. Some people think this is unrealistic. Why? Because we work and have jobs? Because that's not "how it works"..?

Well if someone wants me, they have to enter my fairy tale, romanticized world and be a Prince Charming.

"Nice tits" doesn't get you there. Sure, it's nice to know someone likes your body, but that's the most superficial thing you could come up with...

Guys, if you like a girl--tell her something you like about her that other people think is unusual.

Guys tell me all the time that they think it's awesome that I'm a nerdy gamer girl, but there is way more to me than just that. I also love the cello, a good story, sword fights in movies, animals, rain and how I look when it's just me sitting around the house in my sweats.

There are a million things you can say to a woman to make her go "aww" and blush. Try telling her the truth. When you see her, do you get butterflies? Tell her. Be romantic. We don't care about "how hard" we make you if we don't know your name.. again, nice to hear we're attractive enough to turn you on, but that's nothing special on your end.

Show us that you're paying attention. Work for it. If you want us, don't be too shy or too forward. Do something memorable and romantic, so we can't forget you.

I'm honestly starting to think romance is dead. If we can't show people how we really feel, then why develop so many ways to communicate?



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