Occupy Wallstreet & Illegal Actions

Allow Occupy Wallstreet Protesters to retain their Constitutional Right: Peaceful Assembly for Redress of Grievances. 
November 15, 2011
In the cover of night, NYPD raided the Occupy Wallstreet movement located in Zuccotti Park, NYC on an order from Mayor Bloomberg. The media was not allowed near Zuccotti Park and so everything that was covered by mainstream media came later in the morning. (The main news source has come from social media and live broadcasts from the protesters themselves, the longest of which was ran by @TheOther99 on UStream, running 19 hours)

These peaceful occupiers have been there a number of months now (because our voice hasn't even been acknowledged, let alone heard) and had tents set up to protect them from the harsh environment. They also had a tent set up for a make-shift kitchen and they had their own sanitation crew doing regular sweeps of the park to ensure health and wellness of those protesting and the surrounding neighborhood. 

Hundreds of police officers in riot gear surrounded the protesters and took the park by storm. There were several reports of police brutality from this instance that have gone ignored. Once the occupiers were mostly gone, the sanitation trucks came in and everything in the park was tossed in carelessly with no regard to ownership and hauled away.

Some protesters even had their pets with them and were not allowed to get their pets from inside of Zuccotti Park. Among other things, one of the things destroyed during this incident happened to be, what the protesters have come to know as, "The People's Library".. which contained over 5,000 books. It was like the most terrifying scene from a Ray Bradbury novel. 

A few hours later, the occupiers banned together and went to Foley Square for a General Assembly, which was coordinated through the use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Livestream and UStream. There were still a number of people who were barricaded in at Broadway and Pine. One young man went on camera, testifying to being struck with a police baton and witnessed police hitting women in their gut, dragging them away by their hands and/or feet.

Later that morning, at Foley Square, while being recorded a police officer pushed a man with his baton who was not advancing, resisting or anything of the sort. When he asked the female police officer beside that officer if she was a police officer and if he could report a police brutality crime, she wouldn't even acknowledge his presence.

The occupiers from this movement were treated worse than animals in the last 24 hours. They have been stripped of all their possessions that might give them some relief from the elements, stripped of their reading material and forcibly and illegally removed from Zuccotti Park, or what has recently been dubbed "Liberty Plaza"

If this all wasn't bad enough, Mayor Bloomberg is using the majority of his police force to, for lack of a better term, "babysit" our people who have been allowed back into the park after a long and grueling day in Court.

The court today heard the case and favored on the side of the occupiers. In NYC, though, they have 45 minutes to make an appeal. The Bloomberg administration did just that, and a second ruling came down stating the protesters could again use Zuccotti Park as their movement's home, but they were denied the use of shelter, sleeping bags and the like.. they are not even allowed to lay down or sleep.. but once they leave, they cannot come back in.

The government is using sleep deprivation to stop a protest. This is illegal and inhumane. Human rights are being violated.

Not to mention the "park rules" that have been set in place by a cooperation of the Bloomberg administration and the privatized company who owns Zuccotti Park were no even set in place until eight (8) days after the Occupy Wallstreet movement began. They illegally raided this park on the grounds of the protesters breaking these rules. It is illegal to enforce a law retroactively. These laws are known as Ex Posto Facto, and they are strictly forbidden by the US Constitution.
But now that they NYPD have gotten the protesters out of the park (apparently by any means necessary, shame on them..) NYPD can now enforce the "park rules" that have been set forth. But there are hundreds of people who are sitting jail cells, who have been illegally imprisoned on American soil, because the US Government will not uphold the Constitution, the foundation of this country.
The police have become paramilitary in their mindset. I should know, I was military police in the US Navy for four years and I've worked directly with NYPD in the past during Fleet Week 2003. What the police and the rest of the country don't realize though, is that we are all part of the lower 99%. Even the military income is so low that they qualify for welfare, food stamps and other government aid.
After hundreds of arrests, police brutality and unlawful orders, we MUST tell Mayor Bloomberg that this is WRONG and WE THE PEOPLE will not let this slide.

If this is ignored, our America has died. We must stop the government from ignoring us. WE THE PEOPLE. It's time to put our foot down. Stand up and fight for your country and the rights and freedoms it was based on!
We have the right to freedom of assembly. We have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
The sad thing is, all of those things were taken from American citizens last night on American soil. What are we going to do about it? This is the beginning of a new America in a sense, because we're going back to our core values for the first time in a long time. The people who are occupying Wallstreet right now can't be bought. That's TRUE American.

Sign this petition if you would like your voice to be heard, and please share it with anyone you know.


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