The More You Know

Wanted to know more about me, according to emails I received, so here goes nothing :)


I started my life in Kanawha City, West Virginia. I went to school, and wanted to be an astronaut. I lived with my grandparents and abusive uncle because my mother had me at a young age and wasn't ready to take care of me.

I was a cheerleader, because it made me happy. I was able to escape from my everyday world and put a smile on my face a few hours a week.

I began taking creative writing & speech/debate classes at Hayes Junior High (now Hayes Middle School) with Mrs. Day and Mr. Hays. I joined the Young Republicans Club. I began taking Advanced Placement English and Astronomy courses while I was enrolled at Hurricane High School.

I later moved to Wilmington, North Carolina to finish my high school education. There I studied Theology & Bible Studies through an elective program ran by the school. I was also in E.A. Laney High School's ROTC program.

After graduating, I joined the U.S. Navy to become a Master-at-Arms (MA) also known as military police. After four years, I finally received my discharge. While in the military, I studied Philosophy & Fine Arts at Saint Leo University.

While still enlisted, I began doing comic strips for my fellow shipmates, and branched off to doing stand-up comedy at the Funnybone in Virginia Beach. Afterwards, I started doing sketch comedy with a group of friends. As we all began scattering across the nation, we ceased doing our skits, but kept in touch.

I also began my professional photography around that same time and received the Editor's Choice Award from the International Library of Photography as well as a publication.

I've lived all around the United States.. from Southern California to Virginia Beach. While living in Southern California, I legally changed my political affiliation to Libertarian, after seeing how the standards of the original Republican party had fallen to pieces.

Now in my free time, I write for Yahoo! CN, blog, tweet, and try to find ways to change the world.


PS. Since Astronaut isn't a viable option any longer, I'm moved on.. now I want to be an Astrophysicist.


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