Thoughts on Forced Treatment for Mental Illness

Recently I read an article concerning the Forced Treatments for Mental Illness. The author made some very valid points.

(you can go here to read the article on BigThink - )

Here was my response.

"You make some very good points, and to my dismay, I think the point you make about money is the most valid and substantiated.

I personally feel that over-medicating people is not the answer. When it comes to extreme cases, maybe.. just for the person's safety, so they don't harm themselves.. but a lot of these illnesses can be helped just by talking. Everyone needs at least one supportive and understanding person in their life. And if not that, at least someone they know is making a conscious effort to do so..

I see so many things going on in the world right now, and it all seems to be playing a part in a bigger picture. Like for instance, the opium trade in Afghanistan. In 1999, the Taliban banned the cultivation of poppy fields. Coincidentally, two years later we go after this group of people we had never heard of before. US and UK move in, and now poppy cultivation is at its' record high.

I am a person who believes in the bigger picture. I believe that the universe is perfectly balanced. We need each and every person, operating at full capacity, the way they were meant to.. and if that means someone going without meds, or someone else being fully medicated so they don't hurt themselves or others, sobeit. But, I also see people being medicated unnecessarily, just so the doctors don't have to do their jobs (and families too.. especially parents nowadays with the ADD/ADHD "phenomena"), and so everyone involved on the business end makes a quick buck.

I think the obvious answer here is clear. We need to respect one another for who we are, including mental illness. We need to try to understand one another. We need to knock down these barriers we build between us. We have enough already, we don't need more. There is an "us & them" at play here, but it's simpler than you think. There's us, who want the world to be a better place... who will struggle through life to make it happen if necessary.. and then there's "them".. those who are comfortable and don't want change.

We need to move on from these old schools of thought. We're one race, imperfections and all. Humanity. We need to look toward the future, embrace our fellow man, overlooking the differences, and move forward.

Helping those who can't help themselves is the greatest good we can take on. So I ask anyone who might read this, if you have someone or know someone with a mental illness, try talking to them. Tell them a joke. Just be with them. It will make a world of difference, quite literally.

Because each person in this world lives inside their head. I cannot see the view you have, nor can you see mine. But if you change someone's perspective of their world, you change their world.

A little understanding, compassion and love can go a long way.



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