For Anna

Guys my friend Anna is in the hospital.. we don't know exactly what's wrong yet, but we do know she was coughing up massive amounts of blood and she has a mass growing in her lungs.

Normally (and this might sound bad) if a friend was going through surgery I wouldn't make a big deal of it.. but it's Anna. Anna isn't much different from any of us. She wears her heart on her sleeve, has crushes on boys, loves music more than anyone I've ever met..

She also has down syndrome. If she didn't, she wouldn't be Anna. She is the sweetest person I've ever known. I've never seen her mad, angry or even upset. Every day is a new adventure to her. She isn't caught up in the mumbo-jumbo the rest of us are caught up in. She goes in her room and turns on music and sings and dances as loud as she can, to her little hearts' desire.

Her family and my own are really close. Have been for years. Our families met an auction, where the auction-house finally allowed Anna to be floor help. They discriminated against her, very much.. and when my family opened their auction-house, they asked Anna to be floor help (which btw, are the people who walk the item up for bids, allowing the audience to get a better view.. and sometimes allowing them to interact with the item)

When she's at the auction, she's just one of the guys, so to speak. She laughs and carries on, plays pranks on the other staff.. she's hilarious.

See, when you know someone like Anna, you think of them as being endless. She's 30, going on 16 :) You can't even begin to picture something bad happening to them. Her attitude is so sweet and child-like that you can't imagine that her condition could cause other health problems, that would interfere with her life. But it does.

And today I realized that. Anna being in ICU really plugged me back into reality. It was scary.. Anna has always been there for me, through every break up I've been through.. she's told me a lot of her secrets and told me about what it was like in school for her.. and her favorite thing in the world, aside from the Twilight series, is GLEE. She loves GLEE, especially Kurt.

Anna loves God. When anyone has a problem, there she is, with a warm hug and a story to help ease your pain. And when I saw her sitting in that hospital bed today, I was speechless.. I couldn't really think of anything to say, so I just let her do all the talking.

My mom - "Anna had a male nurse in the bed with her last night."
Me - "Ooh, was he cute?"
Anna - "Yeah!" (smiling)
My mom - "Annnnnnnnnna!"
Anna - "Pam, you know I'm allowed to say he's cute.. it's me."
(everyone laughing)

This morning, Anna's mom said she was pretty incoherent.. but as you can see from the little scene above, she's very much back to herself.

But she IS having surgery tomorrow.. I saw the scan from her lungs, and honestly, it's quite daunting. I don't know how she does it.

I said all that, so you would know the situation.. but all I really want is for you guys to keep her in your thoughts and prayers, if you pray.

So Anna, I'm sorry I couldn't think of anything to say to comfort you earlier.. you know I'm not good at it.. but this is what I know how to do, so I'm trying to help you the best way I know how.

                                                           (My sister Ashley, Anna, me)

(L-R front to back: Anna, Anna's mom and dad, me, my mom and my sister)

                                        (Me and Anna getting a picture with Spongebob)

I love you, girlie.. and we ARE best friends forever. We share more than a middle name. <3



Anonymous said…
What a heartwarming story. I know you think you are blessed to have Anna in your life, but she is blessed to have you all. I will keep her in my prayers. I know there are a host of medical issues that go on for people with Down syndrome (my friend has a child with Down syndrome), so prayers and love. Thank you for sharing your love and Anna with us.

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