Georgia On My Mind

Well I got back from my week long trip to Georgia last night.. was completely worn out..

I went down to see my boyfriend's (Logan) graduation from US Army Basic.. and I have to say, the ceremony for their graduation was pretty intense... I used to knock the Army all the time because I was in the Navy, and that's what we do to the other branches.. but we make fun of our own branch too.. But after knowing what Logan had to endure during his basic, I've grown a new respect for the Army.

I know you guys are used to me being super cynical and mean.. so I apologize in advance for this blog.. It's gonna be about love.. and how I'm head over heels for this guy.

First, how we met..

I was working as a clerk in a local store and he was a regular customer. When I started working there, he came in and everyone else already knew him by name.. he was the first person I learned the name of.. so the next time he came in, I was dust mopping the floor and I saw him at the front of the store and said, "Logan, right?" and he smiled a cute smile and shook his head and said "yeah"

Then later (maybe the next day.. I have a shitty memory) he came by the store and said he was running to Taco Bell and asked if we wanted anything.. Teresa gave him an order with some cash and I did the same thing.. he came back with our food, gave Teresa her change and handed me back the money I'd given him..

I went out to smoke with him quite a few times over the course of a week, and by then I was really enjoying his company.. and to be honest, I didn't want him to ever leave the store.. but I had things to do.. like counting the ciggarettes, which takes nearly an hour to do.. especially when you have a shitty memory and have customers coming in the entire time..

So one night, I was counting the ciggarettes and I asked him to leave so I could finish.. and he wouldn't leave.. lol.. and then I went over to the register and printed out some receipt paper and wrote my number on it.. and told him he could call me later if he promised to leave.. He gave the cutest smile ever and was like "Really? Is this really your number?"

He did call me later.. I was stoked, but I was trying to play it cool, so he wouldn't know I was excited.. ya know, because you never know a guys' intentions right off..

We started talking on the phone, for hours at a time, talking about the universe and karma, and our lives and our aspirations.. we talked about everything... and we shared our feelings about a whole array of thoughts, issues, etc.. One night I even fell asleep on the phone with him, but I didn't want to hang up because then I wouldn't be able to listen to his voice anymore..

Apparently I'm extra funny when I'm half asleep. Who knew, right? :)

Anyway, one weekend I invited him to the auction, because he told me he liked them, and that his dad goes to auctions all the time.. so he was meeting my family inadvertently.. (yes, I'm cunning like that) and he got along well with all of them.. was much more respectful to them than they have ever been used to.. it was nice.

 So that night he sat on the auction stand with me and we passed notes between sales. I told him I really liked him and he said he felt the same way.. it made me feel like a teenager passing notes in high school to her crush.. (which btw, I never would've done in school.. I was actually quite shy, believe it or not)

So the next night at the auction he came down, he saw some old family friends there and introduced me as his girlfriend, then smiled at me and said "Well, not yet." That night he sat with them in the crowd and I wrote him a little note that said "I'll be your girlfriend." or something to that effect.. and when I got my break to go smoke, he got up and came outside with me, obviously happy :)

I drove him home that night and we had this amazeballs electrified kiss in front of his house. And when he went down his driveway he did the little "jump for joy - i win" type gesture and made me giggle. I was honestly the happiest I had been in years and years. That was February 12, 2011.


Now all of you who have read my past blogs, you know I stay pretty angry at the world, but now my view is changing.. it's amazing how one person can change your entire life. I've learned that if you take a chance with someone and let them in, they all don't hurt you.. (which is something I never would have said before I met him)... So friends, believe it or not, the chance you take on love is worth it. Yes they can rip your heart out and stomp it and put it through a wood chipper. But the love you experience, when you finaly find the one who is perfect for you... It surpasses any pain you could ever imagine. It's the best thing in the entire world.


Anyway, so it was close to Valentines' Day and I told him how I hated roses, so he promised he wouldn't get me anything like that.. well Valetines' rolled around and he spent almost the entire day in the store, spending time with me. :)

But here's the thing, we both kinda forgot he'd enlisted in the Army and we were having this incredible little PG romance. Then he had to go to MEPS (military enlistment something? processiong station, i think..) and he didn't think he would make the final cut, but he did and they shipped him out unexpectedly. We didn't even get to say goodbye in person. That kinda sucked.

So the entire time he was in basic, we sent letters back and forth.. (which is great because now we have keepsakes to pass down to our children) *yes, that's how I think.. lol* He told me this weekend that the reason he stuck it out in bootcamp was because of me.. and not because I told him to, but because he figured if he wanted to start a life with me that he would need some stability. (Melt my heart, Logan, why don't you?)

But I drove down to Georgia with his dad, and met up with his mom, sister and papou. We got to spend almost a full week with him. I was super stoked. I spent the last month or so getting a tan, working out, etc.. trying to make it the perfect reunion. (And it was) I wanted to be selfish and steal him away to myself the entire time, but I couldn't do that. But when we did have alone time, it was unforgettable.


So believe it or not, the grinch of love has fallen and she has fallen hard. She is in love and she never wants this to end.. And for once, she feels like this is where she is supposed to be for the rest of her life. Like the puzzle is coming together, FINALLY.

jessica cha


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