Remember Me?

Ok, so obviously I haven't updated my blog for a super long time.. I have been ridiculously busy lately and haven't had much time to do so..

Just gonna give you guys a little info on what's been going on.. I've started working another job.. I'm sure you all know I'm a sales clerk at an auction, but I have also started working in a convenience store..

Also, the Stargate United folks have been getting together in Secondlife a lot more frequently and we're all hanging out in NumberoftheBeast Angelus's amazing build of the ancient ship, Destiny.. we're starting to write out our roleplay character bio's and we're trying to finish the Destiny, so we can begin an active RP. So if you wanna come nerd it out with us, join Secondlife ( and once you've downloaded the client, search for the Destiny and/or Stargate.. or you can dial the ship's gate from another stargate with a simple "/d destiny" command.. by the way, for you current SL Stargate fans, we're using the AGA gate..

Also at the end of April, I will be going to Georgia, to see Logan's graduation.. so I most likely won't be posting anything around that time..

And you guys prob aren't going to be as excited as I was about this, but my amazeballs computer.. it's finally paid off.. 'tis 100% mine now.

I've also begun working with the TWLOHA Street Team, again. To Write Love on Her Arms is something I have spoken about in the past, and if you're not familiar with it, you should google it and check it out. Wonderful backstory, heartfelt emotions and a real triumph.

Ok.. now we're done catching up on my end.. let's talk about what's been going on with the world..

Huge revolutions in Egypt, Lybia and now Yemen. The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan..

I personally donated to help out our friends in Japan and would appreciate if you did the same.. but it's all up to you..

If you would like to, you can text "REDCROSS" to 90999 and make a $10 donation..

That's gonna be it for now guys.. I promise I will try not to neglect my blog anymore.



Anonymous said…
Maybe you may want to add a facebook icon to your blog. Just marked down this blog, but I had to complete this manually. Simply my suggestion.
Anonymous said…
be happy and love. kiss

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