Geeks FTW

Hi guys I want to try something new.
I am actually speaking this entire blog to my computer. Dictating, if you will.

I am not really sure what made me look on my computer and find this but I am extremely impressed and it is absolutely awesome!

I'm using Windows 7, and I just so happened to come upon this, and it is pretty easy to use. I think I may have shiny objects syndrome. Just think, I don't have to type anymore.

This is better than having a personal assistant.

So guys I am pretty stoked about something, I am going to be putting up a contest later this week. I'm not really sure what prize will be yet, but I have created a contest and I have to say it is extremely challenging and a lot of fun.

I created my own language when I was younger, mainly for the use of my diary so that no one else could read it.

For this contest, I will reveal this language, and you will try to crack my language code. I am still deciding whether or not I will be giving any hints.

So if you have any friends that are cryptologists, send them to my blog, I have a challenge for them they might like..

Also this week is going to be very busy for me, see you won't see me on the Internet as much this week as you usually do..


So, my review of the Windows 7 Speech Recognition software...

I think I may be in love.



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