Aw. I love you guys!

Just wanted to say hi to my readers.. :)

I had no idea I had so many French readers! Je ne parle pas Francaise. Sorry.

My top three reader countries are the US, the UK and France.. (with Canada, Russia and Australia receiving honorable mention)

Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Japan, Korea and the Phillipines.. you guys need to get on the ball! Just kidding.

So, I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you! (US)
Thank you! (UK) (they look the same, but the UK 'thank you' sounds more polite lol)
Merci! (France)
Thanks, eh! (Canada)
Spasibo! (Russia)
Thanks, mate! (Australia)
Dank√ę! (Germany)
Bedankt! (Netherlands)
Grazie! (Italy)
Hvala! (Croatia)
Efxaristo! (Greece)
Arigato! (Japan)
Komapsumnida! (Korea)
Salamat! (Phillipines)


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