Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

So my four year old niece Zoe was just visiting, and I was showing her how to use Microsoft Paint.. which she picked up rather quickly.. I would post some of the pictures here, but she also found the undo button quite amusing, so none of them ever got saved, just erased, so she could start over..

Then she asked if I would draw her.. so of course I caved.. well it wasn't enough that she was in street clothes, so i had to undo that and she demanded to be a ballerina... then she wanted bows in her hair.. then she wanted to be on stage.. then she wanted an audience..

She then proceeded to tell me who was going to be in the audience... and who was taller.. and that she wanted a rainbow and a horse on her ballerina costume..

So I figure, since I just spent an hour drawing it, and since she wanted an audience, I would post it here and give her one.. and below is a picture of Zoe with me.. so you know who was behind it all.. lol


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