Friday Finds (First Edition)

So I come across lots of things on the interwebs that I feel like sharing, so I figure every Friday we could do a "Friday Finds" to showcase some great things!

If you know of something Friday Find-worthy, drop me an email at and I will review it and see if it makes the cut.

This week I wanted to share a few things..


First off are these AMAZING ruffled panties from Espalore. I found out about these thru a twitter connection.

You can find them online at - Espalore for only $160! Now ladies, you may be going "That's a lot of money for undies!" but these are custom made for you, and look great (see above) with any corset! She offers any color you can dream up, so you can literally match them up with anything! Every ruffle is hand trimmed and baby threaded so you are paying for quality! She also has a wide array of corsets available as well as many other items, so even if you're not planning on spending, at least go check out the shoppe!

And just in case you're wondering, the corset pictured here can be found here - Espalore Sasha Corset in Brocade for $449


Find number two comes to us by way of  "I Got Games" who have recently made one of their free-to-play MMORPG's (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) available on Facebook, nonetheless.

Welcome all, to the world of GodsWar. I started playing this game this week, and I must say, it IS definitely a great find! Tons of quests and you level up pretty quickly as long as you play it.. and especially with it being on Facebook, being that it is browser-based, there is no download... So if you have any of the friends that are wary about computer games, because of all the bad things they've heard, tell them to come play with you.. It's a great introductory MMORPG! Even my little sister, who in her 20 years has never played an MMORPG, is a level 39 already and she started playing three days ago.

The graphics are easy on your computer, but nice enough to get by with.. think Runescape meets WoW. Check out these screenshots I took earlier.

Loading Screen

 Character Selection Screen

Worried nobody is playing this game? Don't be. I'm always in the same server, and traffic is "normal" level and there are tons of people..

Worried there's not enough high level monsters for killing? Meet the Boogeyman. He's in the suburbs of Athens.

Once you hit level 40, you can go 20% faster by doing a quest for a trusty steed!

You get the idea, right? Oh btw, I beat the shit outta that boogeyman.. :)


So as you all know by now, I am a sexual goddess, and don't mind talking about it either.. *faux devilish grin* So I often times look for toys and things of the like, to improve the experience.. And of course you should also know I am a huge fan of BDSM, so of course for the first edition of Friday Finds, I have to tell you about Extreme Restraints.

Why I love this site--it has a great variety as far as BDSM goes, it's all made well and it's not going to break your bank.

Some items I found quite appealing:

First off, is the Bondage tape.. this is great for someone who wants to try out bdsm, but doesn't want to dive head first into something they're not sure of.. I usually recommend this to people who ask about getting started.

Next is something everyone can enjoy. A vibrating tongue "ring".. I say ring because it actually goes around your tongue, not through it. **Sidenote.. model is wearing WAY too much makeup**

And lastly, the binders. Neoprene is what I like to refer to as non-committal. They're velcro. If someone decides halfway through that enough is enough, they can come out of them easily. Also great for beginners, or for M/s practicing obedience training!

(Nice thighs hehe)


So that's it for Friday Finds. Hope you have enjoyed it! I'm really glad to have the opportunity to share it with you! Stop by next week to see what's new, won't you? :)



Anonymous said…
I couldn't see myself taping or bandaging someones tits because I like them to much. For me they r the best part aside from the inner thigh

Sixampfuze .
Jessica Cha said…
haha! yeah i chose that product bc the picture was relatively pg..

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