Wrap-Up of Yesterday

This will be quick. I am cold and ready for bed..

So yesterday was fun.. I helped my mom most of the day. They got in a brand new shipment for the auction, so we were unloading, inspecting, piecing together, and stocking all the merch.. and had a pretty fun time doing it..

But the highlights of yesterday.. I can say it all in a picture. lol.

1) It started snowing.
2) I now own an argyle cardigan (thanks mom!)

Also, I got a toy gun to paint black for the Spin-Off Series... its not black yet tho.. and here is my dog playing with it. He's such a boy sometimes... lol

Gonna rock the cardigan tomorrow. Pics to come.
Goodnight all.. me and Gitsy are gonna hop in the bed..
Gotta wake up early.
Production meeting and Auction tomorrow.



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