This day has been a giant WTF.

Ok, so today has been just a giant disappointment.

My favorite show, Stargate Universe, has officially been cancelled.
The thing that gets me, is that Syfy didn't even have the class to notify the cast and crew properly. No, they announced it via Twitter. How disrespectful is that!

The saddest thing about this latest development - SGU was just getting started. When you have an in-depth character driven science fiction show, you can't just jump right into anything. You have to take the time to get to know the characters, and why they do what they do. It's a beautiful thing, people. Sadly, Syfy has cancelled SGU, just like they did with Caprica.

We just found out, about 1/4th the way through season 2 that Destiny, the ship they are stranded on, has a mission. The mission? The ancients found a pattern in the cosmic background radiation. Some sort of structure or being that existed since the beginning of creation. Destiny's Mission: to uncover the truth of the universe and the reality we live in.

And now we will never get to see this story unfold. This is like picking up an amazing book, putting the book down after two chapters and never picking the book up again. And from what we've been told the second season finale is a cliffhanger.

There BETTER be a movie. They BETTER tie up the lose ends. This is ridiculous.

And might I say, I am thinking of boycotting Syfy. The shows in their current programming.. it's pathetic. Syfy sold out when they changed their name to Syfy from SciFi.

Wanna watch science fiction on Syfy? Good luck with that. The only sci-fi that's been on Syfy lately has been cancelled. Know what they're running instead? Wrestling.

How the FUCK is WRESTLING science fiction? And what do you get to watch after wrestling? Ghost Hunters reruns.

Ghost Hunters is at least paranormal, but after you've seen one, you've seen them all. And they're not even that good.

The whole show.


I need some music.


Dustin said…
I'm beyond pissed off with the way SyFy handled this. Very unprofessional and just when the show was getting good they drop it. Yet they still air Wrestling? For realz? I mean, that has literally 0 to do with science fiction...

Totally with you on boycotting the channel.

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