Ok.. Music & Contest

So I know I said I would post the contest, but I have been super busy and probably will be for a few days.. But come January 1, 2011--the contest will be posted.

I recently started an account on blip.fm thanks to my friend on twitter ( @TheGeeky1 ) and I have to say, I am more than impressed with this site. You can listen to anything you want.. and if for whatever reason, its not online yet, just upload it onto youtube and link it that way.. amazing.

Anyway, its great bc you can listen to your friends' playlists and/or blips. I'm in love with it.. tis teh awesome.

So let's listen to music together.. if you're on blip.fm check me out at http://www.blip.fm/JessicaCha so I can get to know you better through the one thing that connects all human beings on a subconscious level...


It's a fact, the universe operates on different vibrational frequencies. What is music? Vibrations. Vibrations of musical instruments, voices.. so in a way, everytime you are listening to music, and you come fully alive, its because you are one with the force. :)

Love you all!



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