My Love, From Mars.

I just felt this feeling rush over me, and had to write it down.
I guess you could consider this somewhat of a deathbed lullaby.
It's kind of tragic, yet beautiful.


The cold fingers of death
Pulling at my skin,
Brushing my cheek so tenderly
Leaving the evidence within.

As a soft murmur escapes my lips
"Where has all my time gone?"
Just yesterday I was but a child
Singing her favorite song.

Now the eyes that mesmerized
Shine for you no more,
My grey hand, now withered and cold
Is reaching for that golden shore.

As I feel your teardrops rain down
Upon my thirsty skin,
I begin to wonder to myself
"How long 'til I see you again?"

One last glance into those eyes
I've known for all these years,
My heart stops its rhythmic drumming,
My own eyes fill with tears.

And with this breath
I say the rest
So that it will be known:

"You will feel me with you,
Guiding you, each and every day.
And when you're down and troubled
I'll be here to light the way."

"This is what I've always wanted
My chance to see the stars
Don't fret, my love I wont forget
to send my love, from Mars."


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