My 2011 Resolutions

I've actually never made new years' resolutions before.. so why not start, right?

Ok so first, I need to go to the gym more often.. I love going to the gym.. especially if it has a swimming pool.. actually, if it doesn't have a pool, it's not worth going to..

My gym plans-

  • do more cardio!
  • cross train/muscle confusion!
  • swim my little heart out!
  • try a yoga or zumba class!
  • beat someone's ass in racquetball and/or tennis!
Second, I need to move to Las Vegas with my best friend, Amanda. We have been best friends for 5+ years now, and we both miss Vegas.. Once there, I would like to find a good job and get an apartment, or maybe go into the condo investment idea with her.. 

Third, I want to finish a production. I always seem to create, create, create.. and nothing ever seems to get finished in the time I need it to be finished. It doesn't help that I am constantly moving from place to place. But Las Vegas is where I want to be, I decided that 5 years ago, and I haven't changed my mind about that, and I don't foresee me ever doing so..  It also doesn't help that I am currently living in a place where artistic things are considered "a waste of time" because everyone is too busy being cogs.

So that's it for me.. If I can get those done, I will be satisfied. 

So what are your resolutions? Let me know, maybe I can help you out with them some how!



Jack Taverner said…
My plan is to:
- Lose some weight. (I know, real original)
- Finish some of my many projects at home.
- Work on my degree.
- Take a cake decorating class.
- Take a road trip on my motorcycle.
- Meet new friends.

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