Short & Sweet + Links You Will Love.

Well, I connected with an old friend of mine, Sarah Hyland and I am so stoked about it.. She is an amazing comedian/actress, guys, so if you get a chance check her out -

So last night I finished The Spin-Off Series website..
Check it out, I think it looks fantastic..

We have a production meeting tomorrow at 6pm..

I am really hoping that I can strike up a deal with "The VilleBillies" (my friend Sarah was in their latest video) and see if they would be interested in doing some scenes in the show, let us use their music for the soundtrack, stuff like that.. You can check them out at -

That's really about it.. I'm still sick.. been about two weeks now. Things feel like they are finally coming together though, so I am feeling good regardless.

That's all for now. Love you guys!



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