New River Gorge, Margaritas and Clueless Guys

Ok, so today I went wth my mom to the New River Gorge area, to another warehouse, looking for auction items again..

Had an awesome time, all the way up and back, and even while we were there..
The pictures below are of my favorite train bridge up by New River Gorge.. and the waterfall across the street from it (which is kinda dried up right now, it being cold and all)..

Then on our way back we hit hella traffic, and I had to pee and we were stuck on the interstate for way too long.. would've been a great time for a Go-Girl haha!

Once back, we unloaded the merch and headed out to the mexican restaurant where I loaded up on tequila.. not really, just one margarita, but my cheeks are still flushed and I'm nice and toasty. :)

And lastly. Don't ever use a dating site. I am into BDSM, this is obvious to anyone who knows me. But this is not the sole thing you need to know about me. There are MANY aspects of my personality, that is just one of them. I posted on my profile on a dating site that I was into bdsm. Mainly because that could be a dealbreaker to the majority of people. I don't want to waste any time. Ya know?

Anyway, so I logged in to check all my messages today, and two guys IM me right off the bat. I wont say any names, but I will share the conversations... (my words are in light grey)

Guy 1



How are you?

good i guess.. are you going to try to bore me with conversation?

Not if you don't want me ti

nobody wants to be bored

if we're gonna talk, lets skip the small talk

Was I boring you?

That's cool with me

So ur into bdsm

why is this the first thing guys ask me?

How tall r u

says it on my profile

Didn't see it

so how did u find my profile... considering you didnt fill yours out at all, it couldnt have been based on a match

Match search

this site blows.. nothing but guys wanting booty calls or creepy guys who just message me "i wanna fuck you"

U have a pt


That's crazy

So guys really tell u they just wanna fuck


pathetic huh


Not that ur not fuckable, but that's a lil disrespectful

fuck disrespect.. i could care less.. i just think these guys are useless human beings

and i know i am fuckable..

thats beside the point

theyre just here for random hookups

thats not me

U got an attitude n I like it

Jesus Christ. What a fucking loser. Does this guy think I don't know what he is up to? He is a scruffy looking 35yr old (one pic), who hasnt filled out his profile.

Guy 2 (he sorta got it, not as annoying, but probably just looking for a booty call)

BDSM??? :)

is that all you want to talk about, if so you should move on

How are you?

Im good you?

I am good.

Do you have plans for holidays?

i suppose i do, im having dinner with my family tomorrow


You lived in California?


Sourthern ot northern?


I will be on the east coast next week. I am going to DC and New York.

thats good. NYC and DC are great

What are you doing tonight?

am trying to blog about my day

So anyway. I am sorry to these moronic guys, for being semi-rude to you, but I have to be, or you think it is okay to just go off in your little fantasy land. I don't even effing KNOW you.

What I've learned today - I'm scared to death of trains, but I love bridges (but I am afraid of heights, kinda).. so walking across a train bridge is like a death defying orgasm. I also learned that margaritas cure everything, except my hate for stupid guys.

//end transmission//


Stephen said…
Loved how the first guy was too stupid to realize you were talking about him

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