Music of Life

Does anyone else feel like music is the most powerful thing on earth?

When I have trouble finding something to say, there is usually a song that says everything I am feeling.. not only with its words, but with its melody..

I recently got on my MySpace account, that I rarely ever get on, and changed my playlist after trying to figure out the new layout, which I hate kinda.. but it operates better, so it's whatev.. I see where they're going with it, but tons of kinks..

Ive been jotting down some ideas for the show and Nichole had a fantastic idea, too.. and since she wont be there tonight I am going to pitch the idea for her.. I see it going over well, so I'm pretty hopeful about it..

Listening to some Green Day right now, getting in my "creative person in charge" mode lol.. and its freaking hot as balls in this room.. prolly doesn't help I am covered in cocoa butter, but its winter and a girl's gotta hydrate her skin..

I'm having a bit of a karaoke session in my room at the moment, so forgive me if this blog jumps from topic to topic, kinda sittin back down and writing after each "performance" lol.. I'm special, it's okay tho, I get me, that's all that matters.. and if you think that's bad, you should see me when I get goin' in the car haha.

Its kinda like this:

Except, there's A LOT of movement. A LOT. Like I am a one-woman Broadway production in my car lol..

That's about all I have to say.. just wanted to update this crazy thing before the meeting.. I'll probably end up blogging some stuff, obviously not too much, because everything is still kinda secretive, as far as what we can release..

Anyway, ghouls and germs. I heart ya. I will talk to you later.. (wishing I could post my myspace playlist here)

but here's a link to my myspace, if you care to check it out -



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