I feel so naked..

So if you have been keeping up with my tweets, or my facebook, you know that my voice has gone bye-bye. Maybe it migrated South for the winter.

At least it waited til after the cast meeting to take it's leave. I can't even talk to myself now, people! This sucks.

Wanna know what my day been like?

I woke up and my dog didn't recognize me, because I was under the covers, he was on my pillow as per usual, and I said "good morning gitsy".. he growled at me.

I am convinced this is what he experienced this morning:

So.. yeah. Then after waking up, I texted my mom to let her know I lost my voice. Then she called me. I said, "Mother, why would you call me, when you know I can't talk?"

The answer? She was telling me to come outside in 5 minutes, if I wanted to go with her.. so I thought, hmm, better than sitting around in my room, squeaking by myself all day.. So I started getting dressed.. When she got outside, my little sister went out to meet her.. So I went outside, and they were both looking at me, waiting for the voice reveal.. So I began whisper-squeaking and this was the response..


Then I went with my mom to a wholesale warehouse, so she could see if they had anything good she could get for the auction... all the way down the road, I am squeaking up a storm. We stop so I can get something hot to drink.. was hoping for hot tea, settled for pumpkin spice cappuccino. So we get to the place, go inside, the guy says "Hi." My mom says hi, and he looks at me for his obligatory greeting.

"Hello." I get out, sounding like a whispering pubescent teenage boy. He goes "Well, hey Squeaky, how are ya?" and I smiled kindly.. but you know what I was thinking at this point, I'm sure. And then we are running all over this warehouse, and every time I find something interesting, I try to squeak out "Mother." From great distances, my squeaky ass cannot be heard. I found this out. I tried squeaking louder, but it just came out silent. Maybe a dog heard it. lol.

By the end of two hours or so, my mom realized she left her phone in the car, and I was like "Shit, me too." so we said our goodbyes, got in the car, and came back up this way.

There is nothing else, really.. Just been messing around on the interwebs, because there is nothing to do..

So, how was your day?



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