Doggy Dog World

Is there a way to stop my dog Gitsy from eating out of the cat's litterbox? Gross right? If I block off the cat's room so Gitsy can't get in, neither can the cat... If I move the cat box, the cat gets confused.

And Gitsy & Shelman love playing with each other, although Gitsy wants to play with toys (like just now, he pranced into the livingroom in his little Christmas sweater that my mom bought him, with a squeaky opossum toy and now I hear him whining at Shelman, like "come down out of the treehouse, bro.. I just caught something, and it squeaks.") And Shelman just likes to tackle Gitsy and love on him (think jui jitsu), although sometimes he plays too rough.. and when your cat is twice the size of your dog, you have to keep an eye out, or Gitsy might lose an eye of his own..



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