To Write Love on Her Arms

I used to be a cutter. My arms still have faint scars from the self-inflicted pain that I suffered. My real life pain was too much to handle at one point. My whole life seemed to be nothing but one heartache after another. I didn't want to die. I wanted to feel. I'd become so numb to the world, I couldn't bare it anymore. I began cutting while I was in the military and it went on for a few years. Then I watched the "Body Suspension" episode of Criss Angel and saw that he understood. He said "pain makes you feel alive" and I realized I wasn't the only one going through this. I then got a tattoo on my left wrist that said "Believe"... and its a daily reminder to believe in ME. Believe I'm real. Believe I'm human. Believe in my emotions. I support "To Write Love on Her Arms" not because it's what the cool kids are doing, but because I genuinely believe in them, as much as I now believe in me.

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