PostSecret & Chocolat

Ok so.... am waitin for "Chocolat" to finish loading so I can watch it... am only about 50 minutes into the movie and I am absolutely hooked.

No lie.

And of course its Sunday and I had to see this weeks secrets, so please go check out PostSecret, the new secrets were posted an hour ago and some of them are really good. One of them made me pretty sad.

and thats about it. was actually thinkin of going to bed while the rest of "Chocolat" loads bc its like, eh, 10pm here and todou is like the slowest loading player in the world... plus Nathan isn't online, so as much as I would like to say there is... there's really no reason for me to stay up.

Breaks my heart a bit, but he loves me. He deserves so much better than just me, but if he heard me say that, he would lecture me for an hour about how much he loves and cherishes me... poor thing.. worst part is Im selfish and I love him too... if you couldn't tell from my "Back from the Dead" entry...

So yeah... I'm thinking a nap would do me some good. Agree?

Will see you all in a bit.



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