Back from the Dead

When I let the secrets
spill out from my heart
and into your hands
you gracefully ripped them apart

Your thumb on my cheek
wiping away my liquid pain
"I promise these things
will never hurt you again."

You take me into your arms
and warm my ever cold soul,
a feeling rekindled that I'd
lost much too long ago.

The feeling you get when you hear
the tale of a land hidden in the mist,
doesn't feel much different from
the feeling of being kissed.

When I lie down to sleep each night
I can feel the warmth of you against me,
even though you are halfway around the world,
you should know that you're always with me.

So I lie here writing this soliloquy,
with thoughts of you in my weary head,
wishing one day you might be with me,
and instead of being written, it may be said.

My anxious heartbeat quickens
everytime I see your face,
no use in trying to slow it down
when it begins to race.

So now, let's set sail
and let the adventure begin
because I am finally free now,
now that I let you in.


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