So I finally got some sleep at 4am this morning.... but I had about 6 different crazy dreams...

in one i was at someone's pool party with my mom and she forgot her insulin..

and another one i was sitting somewhere and someone came up behind me and started tickling my neck (and it really did tickle bc even thinking about it now makes me scrunch up my shoulders to protect my neck) and when i turned around it was Will Ferrell in a belly shirt and really short shorts... lol and I started laughing bc Im ticklish on my neck and then started laughing, then I got louder and he got louder and we had a laughing contest while he terrorized me in tickle war.

weird isnt it?

in another one i was on a different planet and we were talking about finding someway to transplant all the living things on earth to another planet, because the earth's sun was about to go supernova...and incinerate the planet. (there's the nerd in me coming out)

and there were quite a few other dreams but i can't remember them off the top of my head...

just thought i should write this down somewhere before i forget...



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