Random Thoughts

Ok, so I have to admit, out of all the blogs Ive written outside of myspace, this is the only one I feel a need to update.. I feel like this blogspot page is where I can say anything and feel okay about it...

With that said, I wanna let you guys know that this is my 21st post... my site can officially drink now.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." - Thomas Jefferson

I heard Courntey Love is looking for a housekeeper... I would love to be her housekeeper... not only do I have immense respect for her, but I would love to get the fuck outta Ridgecrest.

I want to be famous. I want people to recognize me when I walk down the street. I wanna be someone girls can look at and say "I like her, she's real."

I think Angelina Jolie should run for President. She has more foreign policy experience than any of these hoity-toity fucks... not to mention she is a representative for us at the United Nations.

I have been chain-smoking for the last couple weeks, trying to deal with the stress of my personal life... it doesn't help that I'm sick too... so I have felt terrible for the last few weeks...

I haven't seen as many black widows as I did when I first moved in here... which is good I guess... hopefully I killed most of them... unless they hibernate during the winter or something... then that would suck... because I do too... lol

I love American Hi-Fi... one of the best and most underrated bands. And I play the fuck outta online games. It gets boring after a while tho... doing the same shit.

The people in this town are fucking insane. There was a bunch of people standing outside in 40 degree weather, with their children, nonetheless, holding signs asking people to vote yes for prop 8. So I rolled my windows down and screamed "You stupid christian fundamentalist fucks, get your children to do your bidding... and brainwash them with you religion"


People piss me off.

I wish I could have a month... just a month, to voice my opinions worldwide and have a true opportunity for everyone to see, hear, etc... not like a blog, but like a tv show... internationaly syndicated, on every channel. lol...

I'm listening to Techn9ne right now, Caribou Lou... great song...

Anyway, so those are my random thoughts. I am gonna go on yahoo and send Amanda some political satire pics.. talk to you all later..


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