Just Call Me Picasso

So, I was bored and I did a new quiz on facebook, and I like taking quizzes, not because I believe the answer is definitive, but the answers I get help me learn more about myself...

The answer I'm about to show you, I am particularly proud of... whereas I am apparently more like one of my favorite artists than I ever thought... :)

I also like art, but I think art has a voice just like any other medium that we use to express ourself... and I think art should be used for activism... (which is why I like the Artivist Film Festival so much) because everyone understands imagery, even if they dont understand words. Imagery crosses language barriers and you can say something with art that you could never find the words for in life...

SO ANYWAY... I ramble.

Ahh, this would explain why I hate when people say they love Picasso (cliche) but I love him for diff reasons... )


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