Christianity is a Cult

I am atheistic in my "religious" views.

Recently I was talking to a friend, and found myself researching cults.

Then I came across a site that said the Mormon religion was a cult. That got me thinking, because I had always accepted them as another religion. In my eyes, they were just extending the timeline of prophetic happenings by saying that thomas guy received inspiration from god...

now, think with me for a minute. if you think christianity is real... what is so hard to believe? christians believe the bible was writ by man, inspired by god... so in the mormon religion, it just happened again. whose to say (if you believe in christianity) that it couldn't?

now, it got me thinking, so i googled "Is Christianity a Cult?"

and i found something quite interesting.

By definition, Christianity appears to be a cult. Would you agree? Think with your mind, not in bible verses.

In order to answer this question, we must first understand what we mean by the word "cult." When people say that a religious group is a cult, they typically mean that it has one or more of the following characteristics:

1. Overly aggressive recruitment/evangelization
2. False/deceptive teaching, including hyperexclusivism:
1. Prior to the beginning of the group, everyone was
lost/condemned/without any true knowledge
2. Only a very small, exclusive set of people
(i.e. the group members) will be saved/enter heaven
3. Use of brainwashing techniques, including:
1. Questioning of the group's teaching/leadership forbidden
4. Financial exploitation of members (ultimately profiting the leaders)
5. Emotional explotation of young adults, the elderly, etc.

So, I keep my atheist stance, but I must say... (an no offense to those who cannot rationalize that christianity is a cult).........

Christianity exemplifies all aspects of cultism. I have even put the question to users on yahoo.

See their answers here:;_ylt=AqihrOuS.xiXG7GHXeIT3Jvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081111004333AAMs2Rr


Hope I made your brain hurt a little bit!


Anonymous said…
A cult can ultimately be defined as a new religion. You're right, Mormonism is by definition a cult, especially if compared with catholicism. catholicism and christianity are a cult when compared with judaism. judaism is a cult when compared to druidism, and on it goes.

the word 'cult' has been used more as a derogatory term, so, people get defensive when their religion is called a cult. however, if you used the term "new religious movement", how many people do you think would disagree?
Jessica Cha said…
I wish you would post more comments, anonymous. I feel like we could have great conversations :)

I would still disagree, mainly because any "new religious movement" that has reared it's ugly head up feels cult-like to me. People have and will continue to create new movements.. Sometimes I wonder if it's to create a name for themselves or if they began with a good heart and a great idea. Who knows.

Truly, I feel like anything could be considered a cult, if you look at it in the right/wrong light.

People who file in line at McDonald's, like zombies, filling their faces with the prophetic #1, damning them to a larger waistline.

I hope you blog somewhere, you're a very good conversationalist. :)

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