California : Land of Bigotry

The bigots of California passed Prop 8.

I guess they don't understand that it's about equality.
It's a proposition to change the state constitution to disallow
gay marriage. I myself, don't need to have it passed, but I see
the need for it to be passed.

Why do people think its okay to be against gays and lesbians?

We used to treat African Americans this way too.
Then somehow we convinced the bigots to stop treating them
different because of their skin color.

Why are we having such a hard time convincing the bigots
that it's wrong to discriminate against someone for who they love?

It's unjust, unfair, and highly UNAMERICAN.

The American dream has been defeated. And in the shadow of Obama winning the election (which if I had to choose a lesser of the two evils, I would rather see him.. although he's just the same as McCain, except with a sugar coating...) but in the shadow of this all, there are people who have broken hearts because Californians cannot see past their own noses.

I think the biggest problem we're facing is religious beliefs.

Bible thumpers and fake bible thumpers using Jesus as an excuse for their inexcusable bigotry.
That's right, Tom Dick and Mary, hide behind the facade that is Jesus.

In ancient times, did you know they used to worship the sun as a god (misconstrued as the Son of God) and that the sun began its return to the hemisphere (it's "birth") on Dec 25th and that it was aligned with a constellation called the "Three Kings" which explains the idea of being met by Three Kings/Wise men....

And Jesus wasn't the only "Messiah" of the time... there were plenty before and plenty after. All had their own little cultish following. Now granted, I think Jesus mighta been a swell guy, if not a con-artist....

It's time your dormant, useless, obediant brains came out for a walk.

If you had been brought up in the middle east instead of here, your beliefs would be totally different.

You know why? Because religion is a sneaky lil bastard. The parents feed it to their children early on and literally brainwash them. Then this poor pitiful child grows up thinking there is some decrepid old man watching him 24/7 and he thinks he's guilty for just being born. Thats how they keep you roped. They make you think that without religion, your conciousness ceases to exist.

What they don't tell you is that because of religion, your conciousness is SUPRESSED.

You don't need religion to have morals and love for humanity. If you were truly a loving person, you would believe in equality. So if anything else, religion actually demoralizes you.

It's too late now, since prop 8 passed. Unless we can protest it or something... I will research it.

Maybe its time to hang up the hat. Maybe I give humanity too much respect. Maybe I think people are more than they are.

Is it too much to expect people to be humane to one another. Under the mask of religion, people worldwide get away with hate crimes.

Its time its stopped.


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