Brainwashing of Americans through Work and Religion

My Opinions on the Brainwashing of Americans through Work and Religion

Honestly, thinking on it I would say that our primitiveness shows in the fact we cannot accept the world for what it is, and have to make up deities to cope with actuality.

Back in the day, when the lightning struck, they thought it was because the gods were angry. Hurricane caused devastation? The gods were pissed.

( Speaking of primitive thought, there are some christians who believe Hurricane Katrina was "God"... and he was trying to "destroy" the new "Sodom & Gomorrah".. how's that a healthy belief? These people, if left in charge, would take us back to the Salem witch hunts and back to the Crusades if we let them... very primitive thought, indeed...)

Unfortunately, I don't think that organized religion will end. Most people are not intelligent and inquisitive enough to think on their own because indoctrination into these religions starts when they are young and they become brainwashed into serving a purpose into that religion.

Ever try to tell an evangelical person something and they quote scripture to you? It's pathetic, in my opinion. Do these people have original thought? Its 2008 and they are hiding behind archaic words that have no relevance in today's society. This runs deeper than just religion though, but we can talk about that in a minute.

It is really sad, I know. But if we can prove (somehow) that it is wrong to "teach" children religion, then we may get a foothold.

Because I believe imposing religion onto such a young mind is damaging. Whether you are their parent or not, you should respect their rights as a human being and their rights to freedom of religion.

I actually would prefer the rewriting of that line in the constitution to include "freedom FROM religion."

We need to abolish archaic thought. We need to break out of the mold and advance our society.

The corporations that run the economy and the lobbyists in Washington... they count on us being sheep to religion and being a slave to money.

Those of us stuck in the same monotonous routine... go to work, sleep, go to work, sleep, go to church, pray....

What is a person like that doing to ensure the world is better for their children? Nothing. Especially if that person also feeds their child the same religious nonsense that has them in the bind.

Religion teaches you "be a model citizen and you will be rewarded after you die"...

Well isn't that something to rope people into servitude with... you work all the time to pay money to people who you've never met, you go to church and you are taught to pray.

Praying is nothing more than being completely ineffective as a human being.

Instead of going out to actually fix your world, you pretend to talk to someone and expect this imaginary person to do something about it?

These corporations count on your ignorance so they can continue to do whatever they want. Even if it ruins our economy and affects us.

"Oh dont worry about worldly things, you'll get a house made out of gold in heaven"

Bullshit. These people tell you not to worry about material things while they rob you blind.

I am getting angry at everyone's ignorance. We MUST wake up.


Anonymous said…
I don't know if i agree that praying is completely useless. It may be if you're expecting a higher power to solve your problems, however, if you look at it as a form of meditation, and a way to train your mind to cogitate on your problems while inactive, i.e. during sleep or whatever, then it becomes something else entirely.

while i am with you in that believe that religion is of zero interest to me, i also understand that some need the belief in order to be able to function. everyone needs a vice. for me, it's beer and nicotine, for the religious it's god and rules.

religion is the cause of some of the worst wars in history, but so is the pursuit of resources. people will always find something to fight over. people will always find ways to subjugate others, skin colour is always a good reason. blaming religion for the world's problems is a waste of time, being intelligent enough to know that you don't have to rely on a non-existent higher power doesn't help those who aren't as intelligent, and need the guidance that others can provide through religion.

i can see where you're coming from, i even agree on many levels, but, i do think that you're doing yourself a disservice by not looking at other viewpoints, and thinking about the reasons other's may need these organizations.
Jessica Cha said…
I agree with you. I am doing myself a disservice by not looking at every perspective. I try to figure people out, but then I get so frustrated and go on a rant.. like that one :)

And while some people may need it as a crutch, I take no pity on them. If you read my latest post, I talk about death and finding solace in religions, and that's something I think about a lot. So I can understand the need for them, to a degree, I just think about people who were brought up only accepting one viewpoint.

Also, I'd like to point out how much I love how you put the religions into tiers to demonstrate your point of "cult".. very nice, anonymous :)

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