Well well well... Halloween kids completely took all my candy within the first hour of Trick or Treat...

I was inside for about 10 minutes, using the bathroom and left the candy dish on the porch and I heard candy wrappers rustling and kids giggling, came back and half the bowl of candy was gone... greedy lil fucks.

I shoulda poisoned 'em.

Anyway, so I dressed up as a Jaffa vampire... lol
For those of you who know what a Jaffa is, you know its probably impossible for them to catch "vampirism" but I thought it would be funny... so I did it... and Ill post some pics..

And Amanda is prolly havin a fuckin blast at LAX tonight, in the Luxor in Vegas... which is exactly where I would like to be, if the world wasn't so shitty at the moment...

First off... my car, whom Ive dubbed "Aruca" which is Acura spelled backwards... she is dying. First, she made it all the way cross country without a single problem. Did I mention this car is 13 years old? Yeah..

So then on the way from Ridgecrest to Barstow, she "catches a cold" I like to say.. actually what had happened was she blew a cylinder... and now she is only runnin' on three... and now to top it off, when you first start the car and it hasn't had the proper time to "heat up" it will blow smoke out the tailpipe...

Can't say Im surprised, really... it's her time to go, but it sucks with the economy being shit, can't get a job to save my life, the car is breaking down, I have really really really shitty credit (thats a long story I dont feel like discussing tonight) so yeah... would love to be in Vegas, sharing that VIP table with you all in LAX but I guess thats just my luck.


Oh and there's a Halloween party tonight at 10... its 8:45 and Im debating on whether or not I should go...


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