Apologies in Order by Mr Gee

my friend Mr. Gee, who is the most amazing lyricist and poet I know of... he wrote this poem on his myspace after Russell Brand's show got sacked from the BBC Radio 2... In case you didn't know, Mr. Gee is close personal friends with Russell and also worked on the show with him... If you dont know about the incident that caused this, you can find it on my blogspot page... just scroll down to the "Oh Russell, my Russell" entry...

This poem says everything I've been thinking lately and I hope you all really understand the message here.

xoxo jess

Apologies in Order

If you mix the components of sex and celebrity,

It forms the perfect remedy for credit crunch therapy,

Add to that a scandal mishandled, so an editor's angle,

Is to form a loving triangle,

A salacious fandango,

Little Britain needs someone to be made an example,

So the critical factors surrounding the bawdiest of banter,

Over "Who slept with who", "Who said what",

Is now a political matter(?)

In Parliamentary chapters,

MP's examine trashy insults,

The wagon circle's full of actors,

Who'll join the band and indulge?

Until the final pin drops,

It's getting colder outside,

It's getting darker much earlier,

Are you taking me for a ride?

I know that drama sells papers,

Whether envisioned or inflated,

The media merry-go-round,

Has come to your town,

As a scapegoated crown is created,

The only glitch in the matrix,

Is that the economy still ain't fixed,

Recession will probably hit,

Unless you've clocked a lottery win,

So honestly then,

If "drama" pays the rent,

Why do you think that outrageous behaviour is the flavour?

It oils the machine from within,

So let's apologise for schoolboy attacks,

But who apologises for going into Iraq?

Who apologises for a mother's cry over a son who's never coming back?

Since apologies are called for, let's not veer from the track,

Who apologises for troop deployment?

A disabled soldier's unemployment,

What's worse: "A bridge too far" or "A joke too far"

Bad political judgement or pop culture enjoyment?

So apologise for dumb pranks,

But apologise for dumber tanks,

Apologise for the cost of a dumb war which crumbled our banks,

If all the world is a stage,

And its clowns now have you enraged,

Think about the apologies never given,

Which turn playgrounds into graves,

© Mr Gee 2008


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